Group dental establishments have been seeing a rise, in the US.

In 2002, firms with the smallest number of employees (0-19) comprised a total of 94.2% of dental establishments. That reduced to 91.9% in 2012. On the other hand, firms with greater than 500 employees, went up from 1% of the total number, in 2002, to 2.8% in 2012. This growth continued through the period of recession in between 2007-2009 (Source:US Census Bureau, Statistics of US Business).

The motivation, behind consolidation of dental practices, brings about financial security in terms of risk sharing. Besides the low risks in practice investments, there are further advantages in setting up – purchasing equipments, space, etc. There is also shared knowledge, and training, that goes on in group dentistry (Source: In all, there are clear perks to be a part of a larger, better insulated to economic turmoil, category of practice.

However, whether it is a solo or a group practice, there are certain challenges that plague their functioning and growth (Source: Acquiring, and sustaining, an increasing number of patients, is an essential key to face the competition from other practices. With additional patients, however, time and resources become a straining component in any practice. Technological updates are supremely important in keeping up with managing patient records, claims, treatment details, appointments and other tasks essential to the practice. The most significant aspect of a successful practice is its ability to efficiently manage information and work flow, especially in the case of group practices with multiple dentists building a single enterprise.

This is where CareStack comes in as a practice management solution for large enterprises. CareStack practice management software provides an environment of seamless operations for group practices. It achieves this herculean feat by focusing on three aspects of its functioning, that the practices can benefit from.

1) Centralized Control – Managing all the practices, across multiple sites, using a single central software console.

One can manage and monitor all the various operations from that console thereby increasing the enterprise functional efficiency.

  • It takes care of centralized scheduling, removing possibility of conflicts of resources.
  • Database like patient, and provider, record can be stored at the central location, while being accessible at the different sites, through user profiles and permissions as per the group practice arrangements. The permissions can have different levels, based on the user roles.
  • CareStack group practice also makes it possible to take away the hassle from multiple site billing, claims and insurance management, thereby reducing the cost and time for full payment cycles.
  • It helps to also standardize treatment of patients with similar ailments, allowing for efficiency in handling simultaneous problems at the different sites by managing patient care protocols.
  • It tracks equipment standards, maintenance and upgrades.
  • One can monitor compliance, trace transactions through accounting, and manage security controls from the console.
  • Besides the operational advantages, it also aides in managing documentations and subsequent business improvement using analytics on the data collected from the branches of the group enterprise. 

2) Streamline Operations – Creating a standard for operations across the different practices.

Adjacent to the need for centralized control is the need to standardize operations for uniform administrative, clinical and financial workflows. CareStack creates measures that help the individual practices follow these standardized operations.

  • It provides rapid, and comprehensive, periodontal and restorative digital charting options. That way dentists can use the software to monitor health of a patient’s gum and teeth, measuring the changes that occur in their structure, thus indicating decay or problem areas.
  • CareStack provides the option of integrating treatment plans, combining the treatments of concurrent disorders under a primary treatment plan.
  • It removes the possibility of “slips” by creating the option of Smart Notes, ASAP lists and notifications for alerts and warnings associated with treatment, or administrative procedures.
  • It has measures to integrate EHR with patient portals so that dentists are able to access all the essential information. It also provides a platform for integrated patient engagement whereby patients can be directly involved in their treatment progress.
  • CareStack lets the dentists create their shared knowledge repository as well as custom treatment template palettes for standardized, and more up to date, treatments.
  • It empowers the users to collaborate with other users (dentists) and sometimes even patients using a multi-channel secure messaging system.
  • Besides all of the above, there are also means to provide referrals, with means to follow up, and manage various treatment and administrative tasks.

3) Automate Tasks – Creating automated workflows to follow the uniform workflow across the different sites.

All routine communications, workflows and data entry are automated to improve practice efficiency.

  • All decisions related to organizational policies and the operational decisions, based on the policies, can be automated under a Business Rule Management System.
  • It can set up a workflow management system to perform and monitor a defined set of tasks, arranged by the user.
  • CareStack can automate all marketing actions, viz. Social Media, emails, etc as per user instructions.
  • Patient related actions such as scheduling, communications, auto eligibility verifications, and electronic claims can be arranged within the software.
  • It can post ERA compliance automatically.
  • Payment collections and treatment follow ups can be arranged.
  • CareStack can also develop online customized forms for users and feedback forms for patients.
  • It can generate reports for patients.
  • And finally, create customized dashboards for the user’s ease.

In all, CareStack is dedicated to provide an experience of productivity and efficiency irrespective of the size of the enterprise. With increasing number of group practice consolidations, the above advantages are only a glimpse of the business, and health care, potential that it adds to the enterprise. Clearly CareStack is the answer to all your dental practice solutions, big or small.