We have answered the most commonly received questions here. We hope this helps you understand us better. We are always available to help you out in any way. For more details, please feel free to write to us.


CareStack™ is a complete enterprise technology platform for dental practice management.
CareStack™ comes with enterprise grade features for dental practice management. It works equally well for individual and group practices, but offers multiple advantages to growing group practices.
CareStack™ comes with 6 fully integrated modules for front desk management, clinical control, patient engagement, financial management, administration and analytics.
CareStack™ is purpose-built to maximize efficiency of multi location practices. Your should request a demo so that we can show you how CareStack™ assists you to centralize control, streamline operations and automate your workflows across multiple locations from a central console.
You can request a demo and our personnel will get in touch with you. Once we have an agreement on the commercials, our team will assist you in migrating the data from your existing system and train you on using CareStack™.

Switching to CareStack™

CareStack™ has necessary tools for extracting practice, clinical and financial data from all existing dental practice management systems.
CareStack™ has integrated bridge support to many radiography systems. If your radiography system is not listed, please contact our support team. We will work with you to create the bridge.
CareStack™ comes with easy to use interfaces that blends well with office workflows. Our interface closely matches what your team is used to and packs powerful features on top of it. With options for onsite, remote, and self-paced training programs, we get you up to speed in record time.
Our support staff will diagnose and fix issues in your environment in a timely manner and ensure business continuity. Moreover we assign technical account managers who will analyze your existing usage trends and guide you with steps for better automation to improve practice efficiency.


CareStack™ is a cloud based solution and works through your browser. So, you can use it from any device.
No. CareStack™ is a fully integrated cloud based solution that only requires you to have an internet browser like Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari etc.

Security and Compliance

Your data is guarded by the highest levels of security protocols in our data center. We are also HIPAA compliant and assist your organization to be compliant to all security guidelines as well. Being a cloud based platform, you always have professionals watching over your data real-time, 24 x 7.
As CareStack is a Cloud-based solution, we keep upgrading our protocols to match the industry requirements and all this happens behind the curtain and you do not have to break a sweat.
As the recent attacks across the US suggest, nobody is safe from hacking. Being protected requires active protocols to be followed in the data center, and responding to vulnerabilities that come up faster than the hacking. This is always better done with a data center guarded by a professional team. Hence, a cloud based solution is always considered more secure than a local server.


Clinical module has features like integrated charting and treatment planning, care notes, treatment planning, imaging and labs, EHR, e-prescription, patient portals, clinical asset management, patient alerts and clinical analytics.
Yes. CareStack™ has built-in pediatric periodontal charts.
CareStack™ has a wide gamut of features directed at maintaining your reputation and engaging patients. eg: automated reminders, appointment confirmations, campaign management, appointment and treatment updates, making payments, secure communication, patient surveys, reputation monitoring and management, website and social media integration.
CareStack™ comes with features for centralized insurance processing, billing and accounting, payment processing and real-time analytics on the overall financial health of the practice.