CareStack™ and Clinical efficiency

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Clinical efficiency is the core metric of any dental practice. Revenues of the practice are directly proportionate to the number of patients met. Given that practices work with specific man hours on their labor, it becomes important to manage each patient in the fastest possible method while not compromising on clinical efficacy or treatment quality. There are also several indirect influences. Employees feel they are overextended when the overall production cycle is weak and draining on them.

Capabilities within CareStack™ to improve clinical efficiency:  

Front office management

  • Efficient scheduling
  • Rescheduling Queues
  • Waiting lists
  • Patient communications

Clinical management

  • Charting and integrated treatment planner
  • Template driven care notes
  • Advanced perio charting
  • Imaging integration
  • e-Prescription

Patient engagement  

  • EHR integration
  • Patient portals


Clinical efficiency can be improved by integrating clinical management seamlessly with other practice management functions. Improve treatment planning and case acceptance with CareStack™. Please download our brochure to learn more about CareStack™.

CareStack™ for Group practices

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Group dental establishments have been seeing a rise in the US. Technology is a very important component for the success of group practices. Group practices look forward to maximizing practice efficiency through the effective use of technology.  

CareStack™ is purpose-built to maximize efficiency of group practices by enabling them to centralize control, streamline operations and automate tasks.

Centralize Control: Monitor and manage all the operations across sites through a central console. A few examples of functions that can be centralized would be:

  • Scheduling
  • Billing & Financial Reporting
  • Document management
  • Compliance
  • Access control and data security
  • Administration and business management
  • Analytics and BI

Streamline Operations: Standardize administrative, clinical and financial workflows across locations using the following features:

  • Scheduler with options for finding slots and ASAP list management
  • Palettes for charting and treatment planning
  • Care notes with clinical decision support
  • Template based communication for patient engagement
  • Custom forms for capturing patient conditions and allergies
  • Business rule manager for standardizing operational workflows

Automate Tasks: Perform tasks automatically based on pre-set triggers and conditions. The following features can automate a lot of the routine tasks:

  • Workflow manager (Automatically perform eligibility analysis, scheduling for certain conditions, posting ERA’s, generating reports submission of claims, etc….)
  • Campaign manager


CareStack™ is built with the sole objective of providing group practices with state-of-the-art technology to enable them competitiveness well into the future. Please download our brochure to learn more about CareStack™.  

CareStack™ and Analytics

There is a vast room for improvement in the way business is handled in dental practices. The most significant game changer is the use of data analytics and reporting. Almost all businesses, including dental practices, generate an immense amount of data as part of the normal daily routine. These can be consolidated into key performance indicators, or KPIs of the business. Each of these indicators describe the overall health of the practice and an analysis into these can reveal the factors that the practitioners should concentrate on improving.

7 ways CareStack™ helps practices make data-driven decisions:  

  • Data mining and extraction: Extract data from all areas of your practice and use the data handling tools available within the platform to organize them as meaningful data sets.
  • Custom reporting: Allow users to decide the parameters for generating custom reports that cover all the different and complex aspects of the practice. Such reports can also be automatically generated on a weekly or daily basis.
  • Personalized dashboards: Create personalized data-rich visual dashboards to keep users focused on their goals and metrics.
  • KPIs and drill downs: Allow users to drill down to multiple levels of granularity to enable them to better understand their KPIs.
  • Trends: Identify trends and patterns influencing patient behavior at multiple locations over a period, and fine-tune practice workflows accordingly.
  • Goal setting and tracking: Create goals and accurately measure employee and provider performance against the set goals.
  • Key insights: Gain insight by understanding the correlation between the data related to financials, patient demographics, scheduling and treatments.


Business Intelligence and data analytics are known to provide a boost to any business. The dental industry is no different. In fact, research has indicated that these adopted measures can increase revenue significantly. Leverage CareStack™ to analyze your data, make better business decisions and drive practice profitability.

CareStack™ and Revenue cycle management

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Critical to the success of any practice is the effective management of its cash flow. Irrespective of whether a practice is insurance free, or accepting insurance, keeping accounts receivable (A/R) low is a fundamental part of running a profitable business. The use of a sophisticated practice management system plays a critical role in implementing an effective revenue cycle management strategy.

Capabilities within CareStack™ split by the RCM disciplines would be:  

  • Scheduling 
  • Patient registration
  • Referral verification
  • Pre-authorization
  • Eligibility verification
  • Pre-treatment estimation 
Claims management  
  • Fee schedule management 
  • e-Claims 
  • Claim scrubbing 
  • Electronic attachments 
  • Denial Management
Billing and accounting 
  • Payment posting 
  • Adjustments 
  • ERA
  • Collections & A/R followup 
  • A/R clean up
  • Accounts payable processing 
Patient billing 
  • Patient payments  
  • Statements 
  • Payment plans 
  • Patient credits
Financial monitoring 
  • Profitability analysis 
  • Financial analytics & reporting


Billing, coding and collections are complex and yet critical pieces to maximizing cashflow and profitability. Get paid more and faster with CareStack™. Please download our brochure to learn more about CareStack™.  


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