CareStack™ and Clinical efficiency

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Clinical efficiency is the core metric of any dental practice. Revenues of the practice are directly proportionate to the number of patients met. Given that practices work with specific man hours on their labor, it becomes important to manage each patient in the fastest possible method while not compromising on clinical efficacy or treatment quality. There are also several indirect influences. Employees feel they are overextended when the overall production cycle is weak and draining on them.

Capabilities within CareStack™ to improve clinical efficiency:  

Front office management

  • Efficient scheduling
  • Rescheduling Queues
  • Waiting lists
  • Patient communications

Clinical management

  • Charting and integrated treatment planner
  • Template driven care notes
  • Advanced perio charting
  • Imaging integration
  • e-Prescription

Patient engagement  

  • EHR integration
  • Patient portals


Clinical efficiency can be improved by integrating clinical management seamlessly with other practice management functions. Improve treatment planning and case acceptance with CareStack™. Please download our brochure to learn more about CareStack™.