CareStack™ and Revenue cycle management

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Critical to the success of any practice is the effective management of its cash flow. Irrespective of whether a practice is insurance free, or accepting insurance, keeping accounts receivable (A/R) low is a fundamental part of running a profitable business. The use of a sophisticated practice management system plays a critical role in implementing an effective revenue cycle management strategy.

Capabilities within CareStack™ split by the RCM disciplines would be:  

  • Scheduling 
  • Patient registration
  • Referral verification
  • Pre-authorization
  • Eligibility verification
  • Pre-treatment estimation 
Claims management  
  • Fee schedule management 
  • e-Claims 
  • Claim scrubbing 
  • Electronic attachments 
  • Denial Management
Billing and accounting 
  • Payment posting 
  • Adjustments 
  • ERA
  • Collections & A/R followup 
  • A/R clean up
  • Accounts payable processing 
Patient billing 
  • Patient payments  
  • Statements 
  • Payment plans 
  • Patient credits
Financial monitoring 
  • Profitability analysis 
  • Financial analytics & reporting


Billing, coding and collections are complex and yet critical pieces to maximizing cashflow and profitability. Get paid more and faster with CareStack™. Please download our brochure to learn more about CareStack™.