CareStack™ and Automation

An efficient practice management system can transform a dental practice into not only a clinical success, but also a smooth running business operation. Task automation is key to a modern practice management system.

7 ways CareStack™ helps practices make data-driven decisions:
  • Business rule manager: Management policies are decisions made to standardize the organizational workflows of the practice. These are policies that bind solo, or group practices, requiring them to adhere to a uniform structure. That is why CareStack™ offers a business rule management module to set up a rules engine for alerting users in the event of a non compliant action.
  • Workflow manager: Manage and automate a variety of routine tasks and office workflows across locations using a central workflow manager. The triggers, outcomes, frequency and the schedules can be defined for the workflows.
  • Campaign manager: Automated campaigns across web, email and social media for new patient acquisition
  • Patient communications: Automated patient communications for clinical follow ups and appointment confirmations 
  • Eligibility verification: Automatic eligibility verification
  • ERA auto posting: Based on a set of remittance posting rules, auto post ERA’s and only have manual intervention to handle exceptions.
  • Collections and payment follow-ups: Send details of defaulting patients automatically to collection agencies and ensure quicker collections.
  • Online and custom forms: Customize and integrate patient intake forms on the web and automate the capture of patient information.
  • Patient surveys: Automatically email patient surveys after appointments and prompt them to rate the practice experience online.
  • Reports and dashboards: View reports and personalized dashboards that are generated automatically on the basis of defined rules and triggers of locations, providers and modules.


Automation is a part of the modern day technology and the healthcare industry is no exception. In dentistry, especially, it gives the means to enhance small to mid-sized, solo or group, practices to reach their full potential. CareStack™ is dedicated to combine the goals of patient care and business improvements by integrating automation in its model – a model of efficiency. Please download our brochure to learn more about CareStack™.