CareStack™ and Practice productivity

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Practice productivity is based around its employees and how hard they work and achieve a goal together in an efficient manner. Technology plays a crucial role when it comes to enabling the employees and their teams to focus on the most important daily tasks that influence patient care and practice profitability. CareStack™ has loads of features to improve the productivity of the office staff.

  • Seamless and proactive flow of information: The decision support tools available within CareStack™ help the staff take the optimum course of action.
  • Automation of routine tasks: Payroll costs are by far the largest expense for dental practices regardless of their size. The tools available within CareStack™ allows for automation of routine tasks and enables the practice to dedicate its staff towards activities that fuels the growth of the practice.
  • Focus more on patient care: CareStack™ is cloud-based, intuitive and comes with fully integrated modules to take care of all major functions in the practice and thereby allows the staff to focus more on patient care.
  • Compliance management: All the major practice workflows can be set up within CareStack™ to operate as per practice guidelines set up as business rules within a rule manager.
  • Unified communications center: CareStack™ gets everyone in the practice on the same page by having a unified communications center to manage and track messaging as well as the sharing of documents within the practice.


Competitive pressures are forcing many practices to re-evaluate the way they operate. As a growing number of patients become savvy consumers and feel less loyal to particular practices, it is incumbent upon the providers to provide excellent care and service to make them want to return.

With CareStack™ practices can produce results that go a long way toward greater efficiency and patient satisfaction.Please download our brochure to learn more about CareStack™.