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CareStack™ for Group practices

Group dental establishments have been seeing a rise in the US. Technology is a very important component for the success of group practices. Group practices look forward to maximizing practice efficiency through the... READ MORE

CareStack™ and Analytics

There is a vast room for improvement in the way business is handled in dental practices. The most significant game changer is the use of data analytics and reporting. Almost all businesses, including... READ MORE

CareStack™ and Automation

An efficient practice management system can transform a dental practice into not only a clinical success, but also a smooth running business operation. Task automation is key to a modern practice management system.... READ MORE

CareStack™ and Data security

The Health Insurance Portability and Accessibility Act (HIPAA) is a legislation that protects medical information of the population. CareStack™ maintains its compliance with the security protocols using the standard industry measures, which are... READ MORE